There are certain things that seem to fall through the cracks in regard to preventive maintenance at rental properties. Things like inspecting roofs, exterior siding and maintaining trees are things that can be accidentally neglected over time.

Ideally the property owner will have these appurtenances in mind and will request that the manager address them periodically.

I advise clients that though I can tell when many things need to be serviced or inspected, I am not tree expert. I make it their responsibility to let me know when they want a professional arborist to look at their trees and make sure they are healthy and there are no issues that might be averted with early detection.

That said when I inspect the properties I manage I do look for any obvious tree, roof and siding issues and I let my clients know. In the event that there is an obvious issue with a tree, like a partially broken branch that could fall in high wind or a branch that is touching the building I do expect my clients to agree to address these issues.

By Published On: April 11th, 2016