Organic Lawn Care is the Right Thing to Do

Most property management companies want to do what is easiest and, supposedly, tried-and-true in regard to lawn care. That means that the vast majority if not all of the other companies in town use pesticides, leaf blowers and other tools and methods that are bad for the planet and its creatures. Why is that? Organic lawn care doesn’t take any more work than pesticide-based care. And there are methods to suppress weeds by applying a special “tea” to the grass and soil a few times a year. Or just old-fashioned hand-digging. DuckDuckGo it and see what you can find.

I market my rentals as having organic yard care and many renters want that. Organic lawns may have more dandelions than poison-controlled lawns, but most people these days find that trade-off just fine. So I guess it’s my little secret: organic lawn care is not only better for the planet, but also a great selling point.

By Published On: March 10th, 2022