“I really appreciate the work you did. You have been good to work with, and if I have anyone that is looking for a property manager, I’ll definitely recommend you.” Erik, client who sold his house, May 2023

“It’s so much easier when you have good renters …. Thanks so much for screening them and doing your thing!  It’s certainly easier for me this way.” Pete, new client, January 2023

“Chrissy this is amazing news! You consistently go above and beyond for us! You’re the best!” Phillip, renter, September 2022

“You are doing an amazing job, Chrissy. I am so impressed with how you are juggling so many projects and all these move-outs and move-ins and showings and contractors and leasing all at the same time …. I am very thankful for your conscientious work to keep the cash flow for the unit going despite all of the obstacles and stumbling blocks. I appreciate your dedication to the work, your honesty, and your commitment to quality …. I appreciate that you include me in decisions on what should be done and help to educate me on what is best for the rental market …. I know you are doing all this for my benefit, and I am grateful.” Krista, client, August 2022

“Thank you so much, Chrissy!! I’m going to miss working with you- it’s honestly been such a pleasure.” Emily M, renter, July 2022

“If you have any available listings for late July/early Aug move in, please send them my way. It was a pleasure working with Smiley & Associates the past two years :” Emily, renter, June 2022

“Everything is working great now, thanks for getting people out here so quickly to take care of it.” Sarah, renter, June 2022

“Thank you for your kindness towards my daughter.” Vicki, co-signer for renter, May 2022

“Chrissy is the best! … She’s communicative, responsive when difficulties arise, and flexible with certain things. Everyone in the building that I rent from enjoys her … If you’re renting in an apartment complex she seems to be conscious of picking tenants that will be good neighbors to one another. Bottom line Chrissy is great, she understands that she’s managing peoples lives alongside a business and is professional and helpful.” Phillip, renter, October 2021

“Somebody asked us about the duplex and said, ‘How on Earth do you do it?’  I said, ‘It’s only possible, b/c we’ve got an awesome property manager.’ So true,” Dylan, client, January 2022

“Thank you so much for sending Rick in today. He was able to fix everything! Please extend our thanks to him!” Lauren, renter, December 2021

“I really enjoyed working with you, you made the rental process fun and simple, and I’m recommending your services to my friends.” Megan, client, November 2021

“Thank you for sending them both so quickly [maintenance], we really appreciate it.” Isla, renter, November  2021

“You do a great job for us!” Bob, client, November 2021

“Thanks for making the Atwood apartment a good place to live!” Jordan, renter, October 2021

“Thank you for taking care of the issues we had in the house with flooded basements, clogged toilets, malfunctioning dishwashers, etc! [They lived in the house for 3 years.] Your swift response and solutions were much appreciated!” Jan, renter, August 2021

“And, I just want to say how grateful I am for you. You have done such an amazing job – we’re really proud of how the house looks and I know it’s so much because of you managing things so well!!” Heather, client, August 2021

“Thank you so much for all your help while we lived there!” Claire, renter, August 2021

“Just a quick note to thank you for these small but massive improvements. The deck looks ahhhmazing but even more importantly it is now safe and very sturdy. The bathroom window looks so great as well, what a relief. And! Randal, what a gem. Thank you for using such a kind, respectful and thorough contractor … Appreciate you!! ”  Renee, renter, July 2021

“Yes–let’s get going on your new fee for a duplex.   You’re worth every penny!” Dylan, client, July 2021

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you. Thank you for putting in an exorbitant amount of time and energy into this lease and me and the girls. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for the extra amount of time you’ve spent on this.” Isla, renter, July 2021

“I want to extend a thank you for being an excellent landlord over the past number of years. I have rented a fair bit in Boulder over the past decade and have appreciated the way that you approach things.” Jay, renter, June 2021

“I’m SO sorry, I meant to confirm that I received the money. Thanks so much, I appreciate you and your business ethic! It’s nice to find good people in the world!” Jill, applicant to whom we refunded hold money, June 2021

“I want to thank you again for how open and helpful you’ve been all day today. It’s been really reassuring for me and my roommates that we will get through this [bedbug situation].” Maire, renter, June 2021

“[Smiley] has been working with me since 2004 and has always found good tenants and keeps on top of maintenance and money matters. A real pro. Email her to see if she is taking new clients. It would be worth your time to talk to her if she is.” [said to a client’s friend looking for a manager] Angela, client, April 2021

Smiley and Associates is responsive, cares about the tenants and protects my interest as a property owner. They have been reliable and helpful as well as personable and caring in managing my property for a decade. I never worry about the normal headaches of renting because I know problems will be timely and thoroughly dealt with.” L.P., client, April 2021

“Between the two of you [Chrissy and long-term maintenance man Rick], I don’t have any worries that any issues will not be taken care of efficiently. Thanks for all you do.” Angela, client, September 2020

“Thanks for being willing to compromise, and I hope all goes well in what I can only imagine is a chaotic time for a property manager.” James, renter, September 2020

“I just wanted to say that I had a great experience renting from you, and thanks for being such a good landlord!” Steven, renter, August 2020

“I appreciate the follow up!” Rachel, renter, April 2020

“Thank you so much for the quick turn around time on this (leaking toilet, solved the day it was reported), my roommate informed me that the repair team was in this morning. You’re the best!” Jason, renter, January 2020

“You really are an angel to us, Chrissy. Truly. I think we might have sold that house years ago, if not for your help” Dylan, client, November 2019

“I loved living here (my favorite place I lived in college). Thank you for being a great landlord, we were grateful for all you did!” Magen, renter, September 2019

“We just wanted to send a thank you your way for the repairs! The place was great to begin with and now it’s looking even better :)” Jason, renter, August 2019

“As always, we deeply appreciate all your efforts. We couldn’t have kept this house to return to without your expertise, Chrissy.” Trina and Larry, clients, August 2019

“I really appreciate you as a landlord and you being so devoted to being green and promoting conciseness of waste and pollution in the way you manage your properties and go about living. That’s something I value highly and try to do myself and I’m very grateful to have a landlord with those same values.” Brianna, renter, July 2019

“I am a previous tenent looking to move into another residence managed by your co. I was looking online but cannot see any available properties.” Andrew, renter, July 2019

“Please take an additional $100 for yourself? We’re just so pleased with how easy you’ve made life and feel like you deserve it!” Heather, client, May 2019

Lastly, I would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU FOR BEING A LOVELY LANDLORD AND FRIEND!!! We all have had a wonderful time at the house and we are so glad to have had someone like you taking care of us. In a city of soulless property management companies, to be working with you was a distinct pleasure and we are grateful for you!! THANK YOU CHRISSY!!! 🙂 If I ever end up moving back to Boulder I know who to get in touch with!! Here’s hoping all your tenants pay rent on time, that no appliances ever break, and that the dryer stays functional.” Davey, renter, February 2019

“Thanks again for being flexible!” Ella, renter, January 2019

“Thanks for adjusting our payment arrangement. I’ve always appreciated how seamless you make the financial side of things work!” Chris, client, January 2019

“Thanks so much for all your hard work… As a thank you for everything you’ve done, above and beyond, I would like you to take an extra $500 for the month of December as a gift of my appreciation.” Paul, client, November 2018

“I enjoyed being your tenant.” Joe S., renter, October 2018

“The dishwasher is amazing and all the work in my apartment finished, I truly love my unit. Thank you for all your hard work.” Jane, renter, September 2018

“Chrissy has managed our Boulder duplex for many years now (since around 2011). She’s simply incredible. The house had been badly managed–lousy tenants, poorly maintained, losing money. We were in the red and my wife was adamant that we sell. Instead, we switched managers, and Chrissy completely revitalized the situation. She helped us address key problems (safety issues, tenant comfort issues), finds really good tenants, and always helps to find good handy-people to get jobs done affordably and expertly. Our tenants are happy, our finances are in the black, and the value of the house has notably increased. Moreover, she’s honest, incredibly generous with her time, and dedicated to tenants and property owners alike. If you need a property manager, Chrissy is the best.” Dylan, client, September 2018

“You were a good land lord and I appreciate all the help during the last year regarding any issues.” Jess, renter, September 2018

Thank you Chrissy! Your are always so on top of things. Last night [electrical fire] was pretty scary. I appreciate how well you take care of things for us so much! You are seriously amazing!” Catherine, renter, July 2018

“Many thanks for excellent managerial skilzzzz.” Heather, client, May 2018

“Thanks Chrissy, and thanks for doing such a great job managing our rental. Happy Thanksgiving.” Bob, client, November 2017

“You have been a great property manager and have helped get our concerns across to the Landlord in a timely manner while keeping our best interests in mind. We can only hope our next property manager will be half as helpful as you have been.” Micah, renter, November 2017

“Sometimes I wish I had you as my manager when I was a renter. None of this stuff got fixed ever by my landlords and I’m glad you are taking care of them. Thank you.” Georg, client, October 2017

“Thanks for keeping on it and making it so I often forget I own a rental property…that’s the best,” Heather, client, September 2017

“You’ve been fair and understanding in dealing with us, and I do genuinely appreciate it,” Jake, renter, August 2017

“It will be great to be back in Boulder! (And no, I don’t have any plans to go back to managing the townhouse when I’m back in town. You’re doing a great job!)” Krista, client, July 2017

“I just wanted to thank you again for everything this past weekend. I really appreciate you taking time out of your weekend to help me make the final move.” Jordy, renter, November 2016

“Thank you for sending this to me so promptly! You were always a fantastic landlord.” Audrey, renter, Oct. 2013

Compliments from the past:

“I’m sad to hear this [that you won’t be managing this building anymore] Chrissy. I trust your email will remain the same? I may look for you in the future housing searches. It was great having you as a property manager. Good luck with everything to come.” Nick, renter, March 2013

“After several years of having the Rental Management Service with Smiley & Associates, I strongly recommend their service due to their experience in finding good tenants; property maintenance & updating; leasing process management; proper dealing with tenants; accounting and others. Conscientious & responsible. Trust worthy; they look after both tenants and landlord interests equally. In conclusion, I am very please with their services and recommend them highly.” Dan, client, 2009

“Thanks for being such an Uber-responsible, fab property manager in general all-around great person to have on my side.”

“Thanks again for another year excellent and professional property management! We are so appreciative of all your energies.”

“As property owners we can unequivocally recommend Smiley and Associates. We turned over new property for rental in tough economic times. Chrissy has kept it occupied and maintained and dealt fairly with both tenants and owners. Communication has been prompt and open. She is a skilled pool of maintenance personnel could handle any problems quickly. We now live at a state and have no doubt that the personalized service of smiling Associates is the best way to preserve our investment.”

“Chrissy’s been managing our property for a couple of years now. It has been an unqualified success. The place had been badly neglected by our previous manager, whom we fired. Things had gotten so bad that we were just going to sell and move on. But Chrissy took over and has been a godsend … She is outstanding in a crisis (e.g. the flood of 2013) … Most importantly, she’s kept our little place rented without pause–no lost income. I can’t really speak highly enough about Chrissy.

“I’ve engage the services of Smiley and Associates for over two years now and found her and her company to be very responsive to questions and concerns of mine. I have moved out of the area of Boulder/Louisville and needed someone I could trust to manage my home as a rental. She was recommended to me and after meeting with her I found I enjoyed your enthusiasm as well as professionalism. I like to clarity of thinking, attention to detail, responsiveness to questions, resources at your disposal, her frankness and her objectivity and knowledge about the local scratch word rental mark Market [She is] pragmatic in her approach to leasing, pricing, maintenance problems, etc.”

“I have used Chrissy Smiley as a property manager of my Boulder townhouse since 2004. I found her to be competent, honest and responsive. She has done an admirable job of finding and vetting tenants. She has made being a landlord hassle free.”