We look for at least 2 years’ U.S.A.-based rental history, good & established credit, and ability to pay rent. If you’re lacking any of these qualifications, depending on the situation you will be asked to provide a US-based co-signer or/and additional security deposit money. Your credit score will determine whether you pay a base amount for deposit or more to account for credit issues. If you think you might need a co-signer, please have that person also sign a Brokerage Disclosure document.
    A credit check fee of about $20 goes directly to Experian Connect. You/your cosigner will get a link from Experian to initiate the credit check. An application processing fee of $25 is due to Smiley & Associates at time of submission, payable to using PayPal or Zelle.
    You will be asked to attach a Brokerage Disclosure document to the application.

    Applicant First & Last Name & Preferred Pronoun *

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    If applicable, explain lack of 2 years rental history here

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    Work? Parental Support? Massive bank account balance? Please upload a current document with your name on it proving ability to pay rent

    Current Employer Information * Current employer company name, your job title, and date you started this work

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    A co-signer pays your rent or guarantees your ability to pay. A co-signer is not a roommate. If our guidelines above indicate you don’t need a cosigner, write “no cosigner needed” in this field.

    Image of Driver License or State-issued Identification *
    Please take a closely cropped photo of your driver license on a light background and attach it here. Thank you.

    Pet? If yes, enter species, breed, age and weight of pet

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    Have you ever been evicted? * NOYES

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    If you think you might need a co-signer, please have that person also sign a Brokerage Disclosure document.

    Click here to download the Brokerage Disclosure to renter. Attach the Brokerage Disclosure with your signature below*: