I dislike garbage disposals with a burning passion. They seem to be mostly a phenomenon in the United States. But dear ones, life elsewhere without a garbage disposal is just fine. In rentals I manage that don’t have garbage disposals-which comprise about 1/3 of all the units I manage, in 12 years I’ve had about 3 clogged sink drains. For the remaining 2/3 of the units I manage that have garbage disposals I get about one maintenance call per month on average about a clogged disposal!

Ninety-nine percent of the time when a disposal jams it’s due to user error.

When a tenant reports a jammed disposal I refer them to online videos that instruct how to unjam a disposal and I let them know that if I have to send maintenance that the bill will be on them, unless we discover that the disposal is just old and worn out. In that case I remove the disposal all together and replace with normal drain pipes. Tenants don’t like this, but I help them to understand that disposals are not essential and are prone to having issues. And I suggest that they keep a small dish next to the sink for debris.

When removing a disposal I have my maintenance person install a “basket drain” in the opening.

In a world with dwindling resources and growing population, do we really need another electricity-sucking gadget in our homes? I say no way! They were invented in 1927 by an American. The rest of the world and everyone prior to 1927 survived just fine without one. You can too.

By Published On: May 14th, 2016